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Welcome to Teska. C Merchandise Company Limited

15 Years Experience

Teska C. Merchandise Co., Ltd is a leading importer of motorcycle parts and general mechandise. Our goal at TCM is to maintain long-lasting relationshps with our customers based on exceptional customer service and cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed our customer's expectations. We look forward to serving you.

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We Import and deliver complete motorcycle parts to various machine part markets and dealers nationwide.

We also produce all forms of Adhesives and Gums ranging from superglues to epoxy resins, silicone sealants, contact adhesives, pressure adhesives and different car care units all at affordable market prices.


Complete Parts for motorcycles ranging from CD110, CG125, CG150, CB125, Bajaj and JH70 Motorcycles.

Motorcycle Parts


TCM 4 Mins Gum, TCM AB Gum, TCM 110/TCM 120 superglues, Cold Patch, Gasket Maker Gums, Iron Gum Silicone Sealants... etc



Care Care unit

Care Care Unit


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TCM is an acronym of Teska. C Merchandise Company Limited
Teska C. Merchandise Co., Ltd is a leading importer of motorcycle parts and general mechandise.
TCM Company Limited has its Head office at Nnewi, in Anambra State Nigeria and also has branches in two West African Countries (Togo, Ghana).
Teska C. Merchandise Company Limited has trusted distributors in almost all the states of the federation with key major distributors in Enugu, Abuja, Lagos, Minna, Kano, Sokoto and Kaduna State. You can always visit our details page to find out more about their contacts.
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